Day Nine- Skiing the Canadian Rockies

Alright, beautiful day. We initially set the alarm for 6 am, take a nap until 7 in the morning, take a nap until 8 in the morning, realize that the sun will not appear until 8:50 in the morning, so then officially wake up at 9 in the morning.

We got off the plane to the village (also I asked how we got the plane back and they actually just got off, so every time we went to the village we had to make a tiring and cold return journey) and headed straight to the rental shop. We were charged, paid (which by the way, holy MOLY skiing is not cheap), and made a tiring and cold return journey, but this time brought skis, poles, boots, helmets, and pants. Once again, in freezing weather, -16 degrees, too hot.

We had to arrange some things before we left, like the right pass and the right gloves, etc., and finally headed for the free shuttle to the mountains at 11:35. As it turned out, the last shuttle to one of the three mountains that we could access departed at 11:30.

11:30 !!!!!!!

So our two choices are to stay at a hotel and spend the day skiing, or pay a $ 60 taxi to the nearest mountain. There’s no way I can’t ski today, so we took a taxi. At first I was very disappointed, it felt like the worst start to the day, but our taxi driver was really funny and honestly made the whole day better. The conversation takes place as follows.

Driver, after loading our skis in the trunk: okay so I only have one functioning seat belt next to the driver’s seat so one of you has to ski. Who is the smallest?
I: oh, uh, okay, I guess I’ll be the smallest one. But there?
Driver: yes
I: in the trunk?
Driver: yes
I: really?
Driver: Of course not, what is this?

We all laughed, then I fell in love again a few moments later.

Driver: So why did you decide to go to Mount Norquay, not Mount Sunshine?
Adam: Well, we just want to go to the slopes as fast as possible and Norquay is the closest, but we will head to Sunshine tomorrow
Driver: oh … well, Mt Norquay is usually the closest but not at the moment. There were landslides and large trees blocking the road, usually it was easily repaired but electric cables on each side caused problems. So there is a range of around 700 cars.
I: oh, is it too late to go to Sunshine?
Driver: yes i didn’t go there. You have to get a different taxi
I: oh my goodness oh no
Adam: Lucy, he’s kidding.

It’s safe to say I didn’t do well with today’s joke. He also asked us if we were on our honeymoon, which we said no, and then he asked what we were doing with small children at home, which we said we did not have, and then he told us that marijuana was now legal but we need adults to buy it for us. Because he thinks we’re 16 and 17. And marries children. But he is funny and kind, so we gave him a good tip.

That was a rough start to a day of skiing. Adam didn’t master it as fast as we had hoped, and refused to pay for lessons, so the first two hours consisted of a lot of harsh words and surrender. But in the end he got better and we had fun! We fell into a pattern starting from the mountain together, and stopped every time Adam fell. He told me to go ahead, but it would be a little annoying if I continued and then he broke his ankle or something, so I stayed.

However, in our last round, Adam played quite well, so I drove forward a little and waited beside him for him to appear. But he needed time, and I began to worry. As I stood there, stepping on my ski boots to warm my toes, increasingly worried, I suddenly saw a small figure dashing towards me. It was Adam, who sat behind the skis, flying down the mountain at full speed ahead. My jaw dropped, and when I debated whether to ski in front of him or not to stop and help him, he grinned and shouted, “Look, you lost!”

It took me 5 minutes to stop laughing and walk down the mountain, and when I got there, Adam lay on his back in the snow, obviously exhausted from a big run.

We finally made the shuttle back to the hotel, and we went to the local convenience store for dinner (oh yes, we ended up eating pizza for breakfast. We’re really not very good at food management). I got a turkey salad sandwich and Adam got a vegetarian quiche, and we also got a cup of peanut butter from Budweiser and reese.

We suddenly realized back at the hotel that we needed to heat Adam’s quiche, to be very similar so I will just group them all at the end of the week. See you Wednesday!