The Sunrise That Had Been Evading Us All Week

Unfortunately it was our last day at Rannoch Moor and most groups left early to get to Glasgow Airport on time for all their flights. I had a little flexibility when I was in the car, so I decided to start early and return to Kilchurn Castle, which seemed to be the right location for sunrise and, according to estimates, there was actually a strong possibility that there was sunrise.

There is no. When I was driving there, across the moor, it was snowing very hard. I arrived at the castle and was disappointed. Apart from that, it also meant that I missed my last chance to have a full English breakfast.

But all is not lost. I had to go back to the hotel because I couldn’t check out and pay the bar bill the night before and no one was there when I left in the morning. It was annoying because it meant going back in the wrong direction, but once I returned to the moor, I was greeted with a sunrise that was so difficult to understand all week. It was extraordinary, but it meant that I kept stopping every few hundred meters to try and catch another amazing sight.

It’s nice to see Rannoch Moor in all its rough beauty, because it’s hard to see in the rain and clouds the last few days. How embarrassing to have waited until the day we all returned for sunny weather.

I heard beeps from the others as they passed the minibus, while I took some photos near Loch Ba.

After I checked out, then returned across the moor, for the third time today. The morning light was gone, but it was still amazing, even though it was very difficult to translate that beauty into photographs.

Everywhere is much busier than what happened all week, obviously with the weekend now. In fact there are many tourists who become coaches in most of the places. Not only that, but people who own Blackrock Cottage have the courage to actually use it. There are cars and vans parked outside, which is somewhat an eyesore.

I stopped at The Green Welly Stop to buy Scotch. Obviously, I didn’t buy one of those bottles for £ 7,000. There’s something good about the £ 29.99 promotion, which I felt when I was last there and didn’t have to worry about driving.

I then call it a day and head for the border.

While the Rannoch Moor itself is quite gloomy and remote, the surrounding area is quite reminiscent of the Alps or the Rocky Mountains, with many pine trees surrounding beautiful snow-capped mountains.

I had decided that I would go back 470 miles without stopping overnight in the Lake District again. Even I have my photography limits. But the Lake District teased me with the sunset as I drove past the M6, but I thought if I diverted then it might all end when I arrived there.

I stopped at Keele Services to eat and was faced with a choice of Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh, what a decision. I guess Smoke Salmon is out of the question?