Top Tech Blogs How New Tech Will Grow Your Business

Do you love new technology?

We do!

As a tech startup, we’re always talking about the latest and greatest apps, gadgets, and companies.

Whether you’re in a tech career or not, you should still take a few minutes every week to stay updated on the newest technology in your space.

Why? It will help you grow your business!

There are new things coming out every day to help you lower costs, get more customers, and improve your overall business health. If you’re not staying on top of new technology, know that your competitors definitely are.

Another bonus? Following tech blogs gives you a steady stream of great ideas that may serve as inspiration for your next million-dollar project. Keep in mind, the closer you are to innovation the more innovative you become!

Here are the top 15 technology websites and blogs you should be following in 2018:





TechCrunch is one of the world’s most popular sources for keeping up with technology news from around the globe. They specialize in delivering startup news in a very approachable and laid-back style.

Our favorite:

Crunch Report – If you like knowing about new tech products and companies before your peers, this is the best way to stay up to date. Daily videos (2-5 min) covering the biggest TechCrunch stories and startup news, so you never miss a thing.




Recode is known for having some of the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media. It’s a great source for independent tech news, reviews and analysis.

Our favorite:

Trending Now – For a quick dose of tech news, when you want to read nothing but the best, the top 10 trending articles are at your disposal for easy access.





Best-Tech-Websites-Futurism-1If you’re interested in the science of technology, Futurism is for you. Their news, infographics and videos cover the future of humanity, AI, renewable energy, robotics, and virtual reality.

Our favorite:

Infographics – Are you a visual learner? Futurism infographics are a perfect way to understand complicated technology in a more digestible format.



MIT Technology Review


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the top Universities for STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The scientific approach used on the Technology Review blog is one of the best unbiased resources online to understand a world shaped by technology.

Our favorite:

10 Breakthrough Technologies – You can expect accurate predictions about the top technologies that will impact our future. Some are currently available, some are down the road. Either way, these technologies are changing the world we live in, so you check them out.






Wired is a very popular online resource that focuses on how emerging technologies affect human culture, the economy, and politics. Their modern and trendy style have made them a big hit amongst millennials.

Our favorite:

Youtube Channel – Theses videos are have great production value and often showcase celebrities and well-known industry leaders. Learning while being entertained. Well done Wired!




Fast Company



Fast Company is a leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, and design. Written for dynamic business leaders, Fast Company inspires readers to think beyond traditional boundaries to create the future of business.

Our favorite:

Newsletters – We wish more companies would do this! Completely customize your newsletter so that you only get what you want, when you want. Brilliant.



The Next Web


The Next Web (TNW) is the largest Canadian resource covering business, technology and the Web. Originally launched as a conference, TNW quickly turned into a very popular blog that brings insight, meaning (and humour) to the world of technology.

Our favorite:

Full Stack – Start exploring how new technologies are affecting the tools and processes we use everyday. Don’t be left using a hammer when your competitors started using nail guns.



Usability Geek


Usability Geek is an amazing blog that focuses on everything related to Usability and User Experience (UX). Their scientific approach helps take the guesswork out of your next design project. Whether you’re looking to build an app, website, or something else tech related, Usability Geek is a great place to learn about design best practices.

Our favorite:
Conversion – You won’t have to look far for everything you need to master conversion rate optimization. Amazing tips and tricks driving immediate results to your bottom line.






If you ask your tech savvy friend: “What’s your favorite tech blog?” Chances are Gizmodo makes their short list. With tons of relevant posts, and some of the funniest commenters on the Internet, Gizmodo’s youthful vibe is simply one-of-a-kind.

Our favorite:

Video – Gizmodo has an amazing collection of short videos to satisfy all of your tech needs. From product reviews to “best” and “worst” of, Gizmodo’s entertainment value deserves a 10/10.





Are you a designer? Do you enjoy beautiful designs? Do you work for a design oriented company? If you answered yes to any of these questions, CreativeBloq is for you. Give your creative muscles their daily workout with fresh thinking, design tips and tutorials from the pros at CreativeBloq.

Our favorite:

Web Design – As a website builder, we can’t say enough about the importance of being unique and standing out online. CreativeBloq’s “website design” is an inspiring resource where you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to keep up with the most current design trends.